Accidental Creampie

Butterfly Haze is a hard-bodied, tattooed Latina teenager with an attitude and a crazy streak – crazy enough that she lets the old man that lives next door set up cameras in his kitchen and fuck her on the kitchen table – and crazy enough to let the guys at Glass Mannequin put the full homemade sex video on their site – who in turn gave us these exquisite free sample clips for our blog.

In the first shoot, Butterfly teases the old man as he plays with her firm ass and kisses on her neck….. this is going to be fun ;)

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In the second free homemade smut video shoot we get our first glimpse of the young girls butterfly tattoos, pierced nipples and her sweet teenager muff. Stick around, there’s more to come – but if you can’t wait, you can download the full homemade creampie video here.

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One of my favorite parts of a video is what I call “Initial Penetration” or “IP” – you know, the point where the man’s pecker slides into the girls vagina for the first time and in this free shoot you get to see Butterfly holding the camera and getting a closeup of the old man’s jumbo boner as it slides into her dainty teenager muff for the first time. See the free trailer.

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And what good is an initial penetration shoot without showing a shoot of the girls face as she’s getting split wide open by a jumbo throbbing cock? Well the guys at Glass Mannequin won’t disappoint as you can see the mixture of pain and pleasure on Butterfly’s face as she gets stuffed with the old man’s fat cock.

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It took the short teenager a while to get accustomed to the old man’s fat boner but as you can see in this next shoot, the short chick rides the old man like a pro – taking his huge boner balls deep in her dainty little cunt. Download the full video.

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By the time we get to this shoot, the old man had been hammering the poor girls cunt pretty hard but she wanted more, gripping her fists as the old bastard pulled her hair and slammed every last inch of his enormous boner deep in the wet depths of the tattooed and pierced chick’s dainty teenager muff…. her tried to pull out in time…..  See the free trailer.

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but was too late – filling the neighbor chick’s sweet little cunt with a jumbo load of warm sticky cream – letting it drip out as he pulled out – a bit too late. One accidental creampie to go please.  Download the full video.

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Top Ten Things I Like Hearing From A Woman During Sex

I was kickin it with a few friends an we were laughing about some of the things we like to hear from a woman during sex so I decided to compile a few small video clips here of the top ten things women have said to me during sex.

Number 10: “God damn.”

This was errant Little Hannah in her first-ever porno shoot. Hannah actually made up over half the list of things I don’t desire to hear during sex so getting a simple impressed “God damn” out of her was pretty fucking fabulous ;-) – and coming from such a bitchy little bitch, good enough to make it in the top ten.

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Number 9: “I’m addicted to sex.”

Thena Sky is another nasty teenager that’s appeared a few time on my sites and may even have the highest number of sets with us. Thena can be a little hard to read at times but one thing is for certain, she’s addicted to sex and we love her for it. This spontaneous performance squeezes up to number 9 on my list.

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Number 8: “I don’t know if I should be offended or…..   but I desire a towel.”

This was actually from my first ever on-camera performance. I was working with the super-cute Mexican Girl, Honey Dew and forgot to tell her how the video was supposed to end……..  As one of my most memorable facials, “I don’t know if I should be offended or not….. but I need a towel will always have a nice ring to my ears.

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Number 7: “Oh my God, spit, spit, spit….”

Violet Little is a naughty young mom that keeps coming back for more pecker every time she breaks up with her boyfriend for a few days – but like many real amateur sex coeds, she’s not all that accustomed to having her eyes glued shut and her mouth filled with cum. Kudos for Violet for being a champ – her “Oh my God” followed by she sputtering and spitting will always be music to my ears.

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Number 6: “You kill me, I might be the first youngest person to die of a heart attack.”

Maxi Booty did her first ever porn with me and by the time we shot this, we had fucked a dozens of times and I had found most of her buttons. I came twice in this shoot and Maxi lost count of how many times she climaxed but she seemed to think I almost killed her for some silly reason. One of the things I love about fucking Maxi is she’s so genuine – this teenager loves sex and fucking her is always a joy. Way to go Maxi – you make the list at #6

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Number 5: “I think I came like 20 times.”

I was heading off to Europe the morning after this shoot and I knew it would be a few weeks before I got to see my roommate, Gracelynn Moans, again so in an effort to ensure she had enough orgasms to last her while I was away, I made her cum at least 20 times…… Actually, Gracelynn and I have fabulous chemistry and are dear friends. The on-camera sex is always every bit as fabulous as the off-camera sex.  Gracelynn enters the race at number 4 but it won’t be the last we see of this fabulous Colorado teen in this countdown.

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Number 4: “Holy shit, you know how long it’s been since I’ve had something so good?”

Butterfly Haze took a few sets to come out of her shell but her last two sets were absolutely fabulous. Taking the lead for the first time, Butterfly had me pulling her hair, ass whippin her first-class ass, and fucking her harder that I would have dreamed possible the first time we fucked. Yes, Butterfly Haze places at a solid #4 with a “Holy shit, you know how long it’s been since I’ve had something that good? She later told me that her past boyfriends had all had tiny schlongs and it just took her a while to get used to a porno-sized boner.

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And since my editor and I can’t agree on which camera angle to use, here’s the one I like best. Something about my cum dripping out of Butterfly’s sweet little cunt in an unplanned creampie turns me on…..

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Number 3: “That doesn’t mean you can stop.”

Indica, Indica, Indica……..  I could probably come up with a dozen video clips of undamaged things Indica Young has said during sex. It’s no secret among the people that knew us, Indica and I have fine sexual chemistry. On more than one occasion we woke the neighbors. I dated Indica for almost a year and this film is from a private video we made while we were dating and before she started doing porno that she later decided to let me use on my sites. We had been filming ourselves for a full hour when the remaining tape indicator started to flash. I told her I was going to have to change the tale and sh responded wit a sultry “That doesn’t mean you can stop.”  You have no idea how hard it was to stop after she purred those unforgettable words – earning her a solid #3 on my list of things I love to hear from a woman during sex.

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Number 2: “Your pecker is sooooo substantial!”

My dear Gracelynn, you had a solid second place with the first performance of “Your pecker is soooo substantial!” but you do that pretty much every time I rolled you back on the bed, your knees on my chest and every inch of my fat boner slammed as deep as possible in your scrumptious little coochie.

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Download the free clip

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Number 1: Fucked her speechless

It’s not every day that a 50-year old man can fuck a hard-bodied coed like Blaze Burns speechless but that’s exactly what I dd in this film with my good friend and an grand co-star, the fun-sized young mom, Blaze Burnz. Watch closely and you’ll see her go from sucking her own thumb to total disorientation as we climax together.  Just watch the film – and you’ll understand.  ;-)

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Top Ten Things I Like Hearing From A Woman During Sex

Butterfly Haze

18 year old Butterfly Haze had never been with an older an before and was real nervous about her first old-young sex scene for Glass Mannequin and asked that we do a shoot with no crew there so she could relax a little. I agreed and sent our camera-babe house, setting two cameras on tripods and keeping a camera handy for a few POV shots.  To help the hard-bodied tattooed and pierced teenager relax a bit more, I gave her a back massage.

Butterfly Haze - First Old-Young Porn 

Butterfly Haze – Removes Her Shirt In Her First porn With An Older Man

I was soon massaging her firm little rack, imagining what it would be like to slide my fat erection deep into this cute teenager’s tiny little cunt. I then proceeded to pull the cute teenager’s blue jeans off, exposing her pink panties and a neatly shaved pink teenager coochie and her little pierced clit.

Butterfly Haze - Pierced Navel and Pink Panties 

Butterfly Haze – Pierced Navel and Pink Panties

Butterfly Haze has one of the prettiest twats I’d ever seen and I was more then ready to see if it tasted as sweet and it looked. Sliding my thumb into her pink depths, I could feel her little coochie contracting on my thumb as I stroked her pierced clit with my fingers. She would soon be ready for her first old erection. Download the full film on Glass Mannequin today.

Butterfly Haze - Spreads Her Legs For The Old Man 

Butterfly Haze – Spreads Her Legs For The Old Man

I had already shot Butterfly in a number of solo and babe-babe videos and picture sets but this was the first time I had ever tasted her sweet coochie and it was also the first time the cute brunette had ever seen the erect erection of a man my age, let alone allow the old bastard play with her faultless pointy rack, with their pierced nipples perched on top like little pink jelly-beans just waiting to be sucked. But I was here to fuck her tiny cunt so I handed her the camera, and guided my fat erection slowly into the warmth of her shaved teenager coochie. She winced in pain – not only was this her first old-young video, Butterfly Haze had never even fucked a real man-sized erection before and now she was wondering how in the world she was going to fit that fat erection all the way in her tiny little pussy. Butterfly Haze was about to have her first mammoth erection.

Butterfly Haze - First Old Cock 

Butterfly Haze – First Old Cock

But she managed, just barely, and not without a little pain to take every last inch of my now fully-engorged erection. Somewhere in the film, after fucking the tiny teenager for a short time, the short brunette whispered that she couldn’t take much more…..  So I looked down at her faultless body, focused on the sensation of her super-tight coochie milking my erection, the feeling of my balls slapping on her firm round ass and got ready to cover the little hussy in a mammoth load of old-man semen – then posted her old-young audition on Glass Mannequin for your viewing pleasure.

Butterfly Haze - First Big Cock 

Butterfly Haze – First mammoth Cock

A few more strokes on her pink little cunt, my balls slapping on her firm teenager ass, I pulled out just in time to cover her faultless tight tummy with semen – the first few drops dripping slowly out of her cunt where I had deposited them, creampie style, and the rest smeared all over her shaved pussy and her sexy tummy. Butterfly haze had just been fucked by an older man with a fat erection – for the very first time. And she would be coming back for more! See all her smut by joining Glass Mannequin today

Butterfly Haze - First Huge Cock 

Butterfly Haze – First mammoth Cock

See Butterfly Haze covered in semen – only on Glass Mannequin

Fucking A Butterfly – Tattooed Teen Butterfly Haze

We call her “Butterfly” partly because of all the butterfly tattoos she has and partly because she’s as beautiful as a butterfly.  Either way, Real Colorado Girl Butterfly Haze has one of the best coed bodies I’ve ever seen and in this set, the tattooed 18-year-old lets the 50-year-old Richard Nailder kiss her, devour her, fuck her and then blow a mammoth load of hot cream all over her letter-perfect coed body.

Tattooed Teen Porn Butterfly Haze butterflyhaze tanlines tattooed gnd xxxp oldny brunette amateur teen bfc hcm

Tattooed coed smut Model Butterfly Haze

When I look at these pics of Butterfly I have a hard time deciding what I like best… Her letter-perfect round butt, her sweet little pussy, her firm teenage tits, her perky pierced nipples,  her tan-lines or her sexy butterfly tattoos but one thing I know – I’m gonna be wanking it to these photograph. In fact, I just joined Real Colorado Girls and I’ll be wanking to all the clips of this sexy Colorado teenager

Just Before Entering Butterfly's Tiny Pussy

Just Before Entering Butterfly’s small Pussy

In fact, I just found out that by joining I get full access to all the amateur sex smut sites belonging the only company that has ever shot Butterfly Haze – and at no additional cost. So by joining Real Colorado Girls, I get to watch every single smut ever made of this sexy coed, and that’s almost 30 clips, for the low price of a membership – homie – I’m loving it.

Butterfly Haze Fucking

Butterfly Haze Fucking

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Cumming Together – Butterfly Haze And Richard Nailder

I think we all agree that watching babes cumming is one of the biggest turn-ons there is – real babes having real orgasms is what this blog is all about but when I ran across this clip of Glass Mannequin girl Butterfly Haze and Richard Nailder so I decide I had to post it here for you all to enjoy. After all, just because this blog is all about babes cumming doesn’t mean we can’t show couples cumming together – after all, there’s nothing more beautiful than cumming with your partner.

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Outdoor Teenager Three-some

Hard-bodied Latina Butterfly Haze had no idea when she decided to take a walk with one of her girlfriends, that her wet Latina beaver was going to be pounded mercilessly for every voyeur in the park to see and on  Glass Mannequin. Her firm teen ass scraping against the rocks as her tight Latina beaver was pounded with a nice firm cock. Her girlfriend Candice was taking great pleasure in licking and sucking all over Butterfly’s pointy titties as she moans with each long hard thrust into her aching shaved beaver.

Teen Fuck Voyeur Threesome outdoor bgg orgy amateur xxxp plys  eighteen bnts petite shaved

Candice thought she was going to get away with not having a throbbing hard cock rammed deep into her shaved wet beaver. The dirty pervert pushed Butterfly aside and slammed his long hard cock deep into Candice’s waiting beaver and began pounding her tight cunt with an absolute fury. Candice let out a cry of ecstasy having her waiting teen beaver stretched to the limit as Butterfly held her in place as her tight cunt was pounded relentlessly. If you would like to see more of these amateur sex teens exposed including both high-quality scenes and pics of amateur sex teen sex, visit Glass Mannequin.

Threesome Teen Firm Titties Fuck butterflyhaze candicecomer

To see more of Butterfly Haze and Candice getting their 18 year old teen coochies licked and fucked visit Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls or Bring Me Your Sister. All three premium websites are covered by one low monthly fee and you are guaranteed to see some of the best amateur sex teen sex and amateur sex hardcore action on the world wide web.

Lesbian Butterfly Haze

What starts out as a friendly game of cards between these tight little cunts ends in a real “winner takes all” gamble. The wager between these two hot Colorado girls is an orgasm for the winner administered by the loser. After a few minutes it is clear that Josie Joe doesn’t stand a chance and Butterfly Haze is ready to get her tight pussy licked for her reward. Josie Joe is not someone who takes to losing, but it would seem she is throwing the card game just to collect her own reward of getting her hot lesbian opponent stripped bare and eaten raw.

butterflyhaze josiejoe lcm brunette teen amateur plts pierced  lnpls

Now that the card game is over the winner collects her rewards a sextoy and a warm tongue on her aching muffin. Josie Joe is ready and willing to pay for her loss in full by munching this tight little Latina cunt spread across the table. It’s not hard to see why Josie was ready for her “defeat” getting to taste this 18 year old snatch. Butterfly didn’t seem to mind that Josie had a little sex-toy to help her tongue in doing its work. After all Butterfly is not an easy coed to please and Josie definitely has her work cut out for her.

Latina lesbian getting her reward

To see more photos and film of these two hot lesbians getting fucked at Glass Mannequin.

Camping Lesbian Style

Now if you are going to go camping don’t forget the beer, brats and two very sexy lesbians that spend all day fucking in your tent. To hell with fishing and hunting, if you were looking at this in your tent would you really want to leave your campsite? Hell no, you’d be right there wanking as these two hotties lie kissing in your tent. See more of Butterfly Haze and her friend Tasha Burke on Real Colorado Girls.

butterflyhaze tasheburke lcm gkg outdoor  lnpls

It is obvious these two brunette lesbians are ready and willing to fuck, it didn’t take long and Tasha had her hands all over the hard-bodied Latina Butterfly Haze. With Butterfly always being a submissive little fuck it didn’t take long for the more experienced lesbian Tasha to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to play with her sweet shaved butterfly-coochie. Tasha practically ripping at Butterfly’s clothes to get at her perky tits and tight teenager coochie.


Once the clothes come off then the real fun begins and out come the toys and tongues for a wave of orgasm that never seems to stop. Tasha has Butterfly exactly where she wants her and this cute 18 year old teen is in for a weekend that she will never forget. The pleasure never seems to stop between these two hot lesbians and the camera only seem to encourage them more.


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Butterfly Tattoo And A Dildo

One can only guess why teenage Latina Butterfly Haze would get bunch of butterfly tattooed on her side but my guess is that the butterfly tattoos represent her sweet butterfly pussy. And what better pussy than a sweet butterfly pussy? Lucky for butterfly lovers world wide, Butterfly Haze is willing to show more than just her tattoos – in this film, Butterfly masturbates in the greenhouse with two purple dildos. The hard-bodied teenager loves to show off her unmarred little breasts and her sweet butterfly pussy. In fact, this little teenager tramp  has done dozens of softcore and hardcore amateur sex films and the only place you can find her films – including her initial porno audition, is on Glass Mannequin, Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls. Join any one of these three amateur sex teenager sites and get unlimited access to all three.

sfm butterflyhaze dildo teen amateur plts tattooed gnd lnpls

Exclusive  content – fresh coeds – real amateurs: Glass Mannequin

Fucking In The Kitchen

Just slide your boner deep into Butterfly’s wet teen pussy, grab her hair and pull her back onto your boner with all your might and enjoy the sensation of her first-rate  teen pussy working your boner like a finely tuned instrument. Be careful not to spunk too quickly as this hot tattooed teen slut can work a boner like very few young women can. Reach around and grab one of her first-rate firm boobs and massage the nipple between your fingers, fuck her harder and make her wince in pleasure as your over-sized boner hammers her cervix. Feel her round teen booty as it pounds against your pelvis – and then spunk deep in her tight shaved teen cunt. Now step back and let the spunk drip out onto the floor as your creampie drips out onto the kitchen chair. If you want to see Butterfly Haze take a immense load of spunk in her shaved little cunt, then check out Glass Mannequin today.

gnd butterflyhaze plts petite brunette tattooed pierced xxxp teen amateur Fuckig Butterfly In The Kitchen

See the Butterfly Haze creampie vid only on Glass Mannequin.

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